Friday Fun Day – 4/18/2014

18 Apr


Happy weekend from beautiful, beautiful Austin! Austin may be way too hot in the summer and pretty dreary in the winter, but it really comes alive in the spring. Everything is so green! I just can’t get over it. This view is on basically the best running trail ever. I will definitely miss this when I leave.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy egg-shaped candy time to those who don’t! I have a theory that all candy tastes better in when shaped like an egg. It must be some magical ratio or something.

What I learned

  • Those people who have been bugging me to watch True Detective? Yeah. They were all right. It hits so many of my favorite things – fantastic acting, truly great writing and a Southern grotesque literary feel. Um yeah. Into it.
  • A group of cats is called a clowder.  A clowder. I need to use that word more.


  • California Through My Lens gives some great tips about what to see in my home state. I particularly like this list of places to stop on the PCH. Word of advice though: If you go to the beautiful Little Corona Del Mar tidepools in Orange County and touch all the shells and whatnot, your hands may smell like rotting fish so badly that you’ll need to pull over at a McDonalds and wash them. Not that I know this from experience.
  • This longform NY Times article about the completely botched “investigation” in Tallahassee, FL of a rape by a FSU football player made me so angry I could hardly think straight. Consider this a trigger warning though, as this story has some disturbing rape allegations.
  • And on a completely different, frivolous note … Chocolate stout oat cake.
  • It’s bluebonnet season here in Texas, which is a big deal. And beautiful! Though this website is a bit tough to navigate, it does have some tips about places to go to find carpets of the flowers.
  • And if you need something to cheer you up after a long week, here are some squeaking baby sloths.

One Response to “Friday Fun Day – 4/18/2014”

  1. Laura April 21, 2014 at 12:14 am #

    Yesssssssss to True Detective. I love it so much I can’t even express it! But it has made me disturbingly obsessed with Matthew mcconaughey, so there’s that.

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