Friday Fun Day – 5/2/2014

2 May
A very mis-matched dinner I had with a friend of mine the other night.

A very mis-matched dinner I had with a friend of mine the other night.

Grad school is almost over! For reals! I have one more big thing (and two little ones), and then it’s all in the past! Now I just need to figure out the next steps…But before all that, I’m going to enjoy the moment! And some drinks! And a Kanye glow in the dark sing-along! Woooo!

What I Learned


  • I made these double chocolate chip cookies for class this week, and they were a HUGE hit. Honestly, this may be the best cookie recipe in my repertoire now. So easy, and perfectly puffy!
  • Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. BECAUSE YES. (Thanks, Becky/Sam!)
  • I have seen the UT quidditch team practice a few times, and I’m always a bit baffled by it. Here’s an inside view from a college student who plays that’ll hopefully help me what’s going on next time.
  • I really need to read BJ Novak’s book.
  • British Pathé put all of their newsreels on YouTube, which is such an amazing timesuck. I love this collection of reels about teenagers. My favorite? The propaganda film for a “harvest holiday,” where teens pick potatoes in Scotland. SO MUCH FUN!
  • Homer? Is that you?
  • “Japanese fans deem the new Godzilla too fat, in continued sizeism toward giant monsters.” I laughed.

One Response to “Friday Fun Day – 5/2/2014”

  1. Nobody May 2, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

    Congratulations on finishing school! Those cookies were delicious!

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