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Homer Tuesday – Creeper

29 Apr



Do you ever feel watched as you sleep?




Homer Tuesday: Lazy.

22 Apr


I never feel lazy when Homer is around. He can outlazy absolutely anybody.

Homer Tuesday — The Lazy Version

15 Apr


It can be hard to get anything done during the weekend when you have a cute cat lying on the bed. Another nap? Sure!

Homer Tuesday – Cat Decor.

8 Apr


I believe that a well-placed cat can really be the final touch that an apartment needs…until he decides to try to drink all the water out of the bottom of the plant, push the lantern off the table and eat the two candles. Until then, it’s fantastic.

Homer Tuesday!

25 Mar

Sorry, Trix. Homer is going to take over your day for a while.


Trixie Tuesday…Guardian of the Apple Products

13 Aug

Would you like to use your ipad or computer? TOO BAD.

Trixie Tuesday – Looooong Trix.

6 Aug


When I first started sleeping on roommate’s couch this summer, Trixie could take or leave me. She’s not the cuddliest, so sometimes she’d sleep right at my feet, and other times she’d just sleep under the couch. That was until I discovered her absolute favorite blanket. Now, I wake up with her fully spooning my leg, stretched out to full length on the Trixie blanket. It’s impressive to see how long she can be. Her little white back toes are at the very top of this picture. Look at how long she is! Good job, Trixie Trix.