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Friday Fun Day – 4/18/2014

18 Apr


Happy weekend from beautiful, beautiful Austin! Austin may be way too hot in the summer and pretty dreary in the winter, but it really comes alive in the spring. Everything is so green! I just can’t get over it. This view is on basically the best running trail ever. I will definitely miss this when I leave.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy egg-shaped candy time to those who don’t! I have a theory that all candy tastes better in when shaped like an egg. It must be some magical ratio or something.

What I learned

  • Those people who have been bugging me to watch True Detective? Yeah. They were all right. It hits so many of my favorite things – fantastic acting, truly great writing and a Southern grotesque literary feel. Um yeah. Into it.
  • A group of cats is called a clowder.  A clowder. I need to use that word more.


  • California Through My Lens gives some great tips about what to see in my home state. I particularly like this list of places to stop on the PCH. Word of advice though: If you go to the beautiful Little Corona Del Mar tidepools in Orange County and touch all the shells and whatnot, your hands may smell like rotting fish so badly that you’ll need to pull over at a McDonalds and wash them. Not that I know this from experience.
  • This longform NY Times article about the completely botched “investigation” in Tallahassee, FL of a rape by a FSU football player made me so angry I could hardly think straight. Consider this a trigger warning though, as this story has some disturbing rape allegations.
  • And on a completely different, frivolous note … Chocolate stout oat cake.
  • It’s bluebonnet season here in Texas, which is a big deal. And beautiful! Though this website is a bit tough to navigate, it does have some tips about places to go to find carpets of the flowers.
  • And if you need something to cheer you up after a long week, here are some squeaking baby sloths.

Friday Fun Day – 4/11/2014

11 Apr

Spring in Texas is really one of the most beautiful things ever. It almost makes the dreary winter and sweltering summer worth it.

What a week! I checked off some big academic milestones that are getting me ever closer to graduation, did my first reader’s advisory session with an undergrad student at the library where I volunteer (reader’s advisory = just recommending books to people based on what they like. It is AMAZING), and only half heartedly prepped for a 10k race I have on Saturday morning. I’m hoping this weekend will be half relaxing, half prep for the end of the semester, but it so rarely turns out that way. It’s more likely that it will be too much resting until Sunday, and then it’ll be a scramble to get ready for Monday. Story of my life.

What I Learned


Friday Fun Day – 4/4/2014

4 Apr

Ferris wheel at a carnival that randomly pops up every so often by the freeway here. Didn’t seem that safe, but I didn’t die! So that’s good!

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I’d have an easy week school and workwise, but instead I ended up pulling a few twelve hour days in a row…and it looks like it’s going to continue that way into the weekend. Grad school, man. That being said, I am celebrating spring by going to a UT baseball game with an old LA friend, so that’ll be fun! May not be the Dodgers, but at least it’s something!

Hope you all get up to something great this weekend!

What I Learned


Friday Fun Day – 3/14/2014

14 Mar


I hope you all had a wonderful week. As you read this, I am most likely running around Austin enjoying SXSW music. SXSW is insane for many reasons, but there’s something special about being in a city where thousands of musicians descend for a few days, play (often in free concerts for us poor students) and then disappear. It’s bewildering, exhilarating and exhausting.

Also, my thoughts are with those who were affected by the horrible car accident at SXSW on Wednesday night. Stay safe, everyone!

I missed doing these round-ups! I love having a place to put all the weird and wonderful things I find on the internet!

What I Learned

  • Did you ever learn that your blood is blue until it’s exposed to oxygen? Me too. WE WERE LIED TO! It’s a bit complicated for me to explain, but the reason our veins appear blue has to do with light and optics…and stuff. Find out more here. Thanks to the team at the Good Job, Brain podcast for busting this myth for me!
  • Judd Apatow’s entire career is revenge for Freaks and Geeks getting cancelled. I think everything I do in my life is revenge for Freaks and Geeks getting cancelled too. I can take up that cause, for sure.


Friday Fun Day – 8/16/2013

16 Aug
This is the awesome clipboard my mom bought me as a going back to school present. Thanks, Mom! You get me!

This is the awesome clipboard my mom bought me as a going back to school present. Thanks, Mom! You get me!


This is very short and sweet, as I haven’t had much time to be around the Internet this week. Instead, I’ve been in New Orleans at a conference. I should be networking, but instead I spend most of my time stuffing my face with gumbo, po boys, and biscuits. Yep.

I also spend a lot of time meeting New Orleanians and their dogs. This is a super friendly city, with the pups to match!

Hope you are all enjoying your week as much as I am!

What I learned:
I already kind of knew this, but hearing people in New Orleans speak with a weird Brooklyn-ish accent blows my mind. It’s called Yat, coming from “Where you at?” which is a greeting…not a rude, pushy question. The wiki page is fascinating, and is a great demonstration of how diverse New Orleans is.


  • Blueberry almond French toast casserole?! um yes.
  • Friday Fun Day – 8/9/13

    9 Aug

    Midsummer Day, Bronx Park  (LOC)

    My internship is over, so it’s now time to wrap up all the loose ends here in California before heading back to Texas. I’m soaking in the cool weather, the mountains and the friends before starting the never ending drive through the desert. Siiiiigh. Hope you all have fantastic weekend plans!

    What I Learned

    • One of the reasons Hollywood became Hollywood was the variety of landscapes in California. I knew that, but I had no idea that Paramount Studios actually drew a California map showing which regions of California could stand in for other places. Apparently, I grew up in the Africa area of California. Would never have guessed.
    • You can now buy H&M’s home goods online! They have some very cute, very cheap duvet covers that I have my eye on…
    • There is a fantastic tool, Rentometer, where you can see if you’re paying a reasonable rent for your neighborhood. So helpful for renters like me! Apparently, I was getting the deal of a lifetime in my old LA neighborhood. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a falling down building in an awesome neighborhood.



    Friday Fun Day – 8/2/2013

    2 Aug
    LA sunsets are my favorite.

    LA sunsets are my favorite, especially when they’re seen from a rooftop in Hollywood.

    My last for real weekend in LA. Aw man. I’m pretty bummed, but I’m going to stuff it full of friends, museum visits, brunches, potlucks, spa visits, ice cream, picnics, outdoor movies and a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Yes, that is all happening this weekend. I know. I’m exhausted just looking at it. But happy! So, so happy.

    What I Learned

    • George Chakiris, the actor who played super dreamy Bernardo in the movie West Side Story, has a side business where he designs and sells really ugly jewelry. Yep. This is what I’m learning at my summer internship, folks!
    • You know the breaking of the glass at Jewish weddings? You guys. That’s often a lightbulb. I know. Your mind is blown as much as mine was when I found this out this past weekend. Well, I guess better a lightbulb and having it easier to break than jumping repeatedly on a real glass.